What do I write about?

So far, I’ve written mostly about the following topics:

Phenomenalism (it’s roughly a kind of idealism).

The metaphysics of time and space (with a focus on the relevance of our phenomenological evidence to metaphysical theories of time).

Consciousness (about which I’m an anti-physicalist, mainly for reasons familiar from the work of Saul Kripke).

Intentionality (especially mental representation—I’m an internalist about the representational content of mental states and processes).

Language (especially indexicality, compositionality,  propositional attitude reports, and the semantics of family resemblance).

Every so often I also venture into the history of philosophy, and occasionally I just go off on a tangent.

In the future, I might write about moral and political philosophy.

My complete CV is here.

I’m based in Singapore, which boasts a thriving philosophical community.